Manage your academic life in one app.

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they’re doing” – Dale Carneigie

Ed.life makes managing your academic life fun, not a chore.

Keep your data safe and indestructible when it’s in the cloud – guess the dog can’t eat your homework anymore.

Easy to use

Using an app shouldn’t be hard. We always strive for simplicity.


Colors, colors, colors. Ed.life’s interface changes based on your colour choice!


Always have your homework, whether it’s on your iPhone or iPad. Coming soon on Web and Android

Real Time Syncing

Free for students, teachers and parents.

In the cloud

All your data stored securely in the cloud with access to it in real time. No need to pull and refresh.

Pickup and resume

It doesn’t matter if you’re entering your homework on an iPad or an iPhone – you can resume right where you left off from.

Advanced functions for

Your Timetable

Setup your classes within the app via repeating options. Make changes to all of your future classes or just the one you’re editing.

Assign notes, multiple reminders, locations and classifications (lab, class etc) to classes.

Stay on top of the

Nitty-gritty details

A key component of being organized requires planning in advance. Subtasks helps with this by helping to break larger projects into smaller and more manageable tasks.

Subtasks can be configure to have a duedate, notes and a reminder.

Know your

Instructors’ details

Instructors play a vital role in a student’s academic life. Ed.life provides students the ability to store contact details about their instructors and their office times.

Office times can be added for each and every day.

This app is absolutely amazing and has helped to keep me organized with my school work. Would totally recommend this to any high school or college student!

This app is seriously awesome. It's cute, easy to use and really helps you stay organised! Really cool, totally recommend it!

Just started the second semester of my freshman year (college) and this really helps me to lay out my assignments and be able to plan the right amount of time accordingly for each one :). Eliminates the stress of having to organize multiple classes and assignments all at once. Great app, would highly recommend it!!